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27 December, 2020


Roll will involve: –

  1. Digital Media Support to clients
    a. Encompassing virtual events
    b. Digital marketing campaigns
    c. Social media campaigns
    d. Admin account management for their software, etc.
  2. Involves good understanding of
    a. Use of digital media (virtual meeting platforms, PowerPoint, Email and SMS gateways, Social media platforms)
    b. Excellent communication skills (spoken and written English).

Candidate will be broadly responsible for: –

  1. Conducting Virtual Conferences, Webinars & Virtual Meeting for clients
    a. Creating faculty or panelist links
    b. Helping faculty or panelist and attendees with technical support during the webinars or virtual meeting
    c. Preparing Introduction, CV and Thank you PowerPoint slides with content provided by clients
    d. Conducting the webinar and assisting those in the panel or attendees
    e. Helping faculty with recording their talks
  2. Managing Email and SMS campaigns for clients
    a. Creating campaigns
    b. Scheduling the campaigns
    c. Providing Analytic Report
  3. Coordinating with clients for their day-to-day requirements via
    a. Phone calls
    b. Emails
    c. WhatsApp
  4. Managing Admin panel for Conferences, Website and Mobile Applications created for the clients

Skills required: –

  1. Excellent communication skills (spoken and written English)
  2. Inclination towards use of digital media for promotion

Working hours: – 9 hrs

Job type: – Full time

Experience Required: – 1 yr

Salary: – 15000 – 25000

Location: – Charni Road

Interested candidates can call us on 9136527711 OR contact us through

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